The Standardistas' Open Book Exam

Section A: Sign Up Your Team

Sorry, all the teams have been signed up, and registration is now closed. You can still come along for moral support.

Section B: Rules and Regulations

B1 - The Open Book Exam Overview

B1.1 Unlike a typical exam which assesses a candidate's ability to memorise facts and figures, The Open Book Exam assesses a candidate's ability to understand, analyse and apply existing knowledge to new situations. It requires the ability to find connections and relationships between seemingly disparate sets of data; evaluating and synthesising this data to identify answers.

B1.2 Candidates are allowed access to the internet and any accumulated data held therein. They will, however, have a limited time to answer each question. The key to success is an agile team of candidates collaborating to quickly find the facts and data required to answer the questions posed.

B1.3 The Open Book Exam consists of eight rounds of eight questions; 64 questions in total. For those of you who lust after both glory and amazing prizes, look no further.

B1.4 In the event of a tie, the judges reserve the right to pose additional, supplementary questions to arrive at a final, conclusive decision.

B1.5 In common with typical table quiz etiquette non participating attendees may contribute their knowledge and awareness to teams otherwise requiring assistance in a freelance capacity.

B1.6 The Open Book Exam will commence at 7pm on Wednesday, 13 November. Entry is free for pass-holders. For more information, please refer to the Build Conference website

B2 - Notes on Comprising Teams

B2.1 Each team consists of four candidates. Thought should be given to ensuring the team has the required mix of skills to achieve success. It's advisable to ensure your team comprises candidates with a variety of skills. As an example, one team member might be an expert on pre-1960s Russian aviation, another might take the lead on questions relating to techniques involved in the manufacturing of Polyester. *

B2.2 Team captains will be asked to authenticate with Twitter to prove his or her bona-fide credentials. Rest assured we will not tweet on your behalf or store your credentials permanently.

* Please note that these examples are indicative of character type only and may or may not be part of the actual set of questions.

B3 - Distribution of Prizes

B3.1 There is only one 'top prize' in The Open Book Exam, reserved for the Last Geek Standing. The remaining prizes will be distributed - at random - at the end of the evening. The judges discretion in this is absolute and their decisions shall be considered final.

B3.2 We would like to acknowledge the generosity of our many sponsors. Please refer to Section D for a full list of prizes.

Section C: Current Teams

  1. Eyjafjallajökull

    1. Team Captain @thewebhero
    2. @wdbecvar
    3. @tuvaei
    4. @stratosferik
  2. The Impressionals

    1. Team Captain @jymian
    2. @conordesign
    3. @paddy
    4. @s_moloney
  3. Ol' Dirty Quiztards

    1. Team Captain @edward_c_manson
    2. @mccrum
    3. @caltunney
    4. @ChrisRodgers
  4. Yesterdays Jam

    1. Team Captain @rmccawl
    2. @_dotjk
    3. @john_devlin
    4. @alicemckee
  5. The Shitehawks

    1. Team Captain @tommypalm
    2. @chrisisk
    3. @jongold
    4. @natalierooke
  6. teamname.gif

    1. Team Captain @jonnycampbell
    2. @chrismcclelland
    3. @alisisk
    4. @kierangraham
  7. Trivia Newton John: Let’s Get Quizical

    1. Team Captain @grahamharper
    2. @jonathanbelton
    3. @oneillray
    4. @coryannj
  8. The Replacements

    1. Team Captain @ryanrumsey
    2. @thomasdrach
    3. @withoutnations
    4. @lhoBas
  9. Schnitzel Thunder

    1. Team Captain @thomaspok
    2. @jrigerl
    3. @bartosova
    4. @rawphael
  10. A0.1 / The Masters

    1. Team Captain @kapowaz
    2. @decarola
    3. @hyper_linda
    4. @ayepod
  11. Flounders

    1. Team Captain @aislinnkelly
    2. @aoifacrowley
    3. @dclong_7
    4. @enabrennan
  12. 13 Pints of Guinness Please

    1. Team Captain @yaykyle
    2. @20units
    3. @itsdavidhughes
    4. @xz
  13. Modestly Awesome

    1. Team Captain @HerrWulf
    2. @happylorna
    3. @KrooKedUK
    4. @_alexmilne
  14. Instrumentalists

    1. Team Captain @mattpensworth
    2. @tdreyno
    3. @ECdavies
    4. @sage_brown
  15. The Hat Department

    1. Team Captain @shylands
    2. @willmcneilly
    3. @clrrk
    4. @keizgoesboom
  16. The Belfast And Furious

    1. Team Captain adactio
    2. wordridden
    3. gablaxian
    4. secretmildred

Section D: Prize Details

We would like to acknowledge our sponsors for their generous provision of prizes. With their assistance we've turned the typical table quiz on its head. We don't want just one winner, we want everyone to be a winner. Our goal is simple: that all candidates leave with a prize that even Santa's little helpers would be jealous of.

The Prize Fund currently stands as follows, if you'd like to sponsor the event with a prize, please drop us a line: